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Beware Magical Woman Tote


BEWARE MAGICL WOMAN TOTE BAG: There is magic in the air.  Representing authentic Divinity is a must. Ward off all disagreeable spirits, and bring forth all the energies that are conducive to higher living. Most of all trust your dopeness.  You Magical Woman You!  6 oz. Earth Friendly Labeling


Danger Educated Sista Tote

$10.00 Exclusive: Educated Sista Tote Bag Earth friendly labeling, durable without a doubt fashionable, and statement worthy! The Educated Sista is one that has come to flip the script, and right the wrongs.  No need to be alarmed it is a natural occurrence when one goes through the educated process of Self Discovery.  No weapon formed shall penetrate the greatness that is you!.  Carry it proudly as you move, and shatter the odds...


Positive Black Stereotype Back Pack


Positive Black Stereotype Back Pack:  In a world full of negative stereotypes, we embrace the other side of stereotyping with this Drawstring Back Pack Tote:  Positive Black Stereotype!  6 oz. 100% cotton.


I'm Kind of A Big Deal Tote Bag


I Am Kind of A Big Deal Tote: There is no surprise that in this world that reclaimed power causes discomfort for far too many that you will encounter. However it is very necessary to live in your Divinity, and uphold your Divine right to be Great!  Let the lookers know that your are that deal, with a hint of overt subtlety with this 10 oz. two zippered tote bag.